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Alan AI supports educational institutions, e-learning platforms and businesses with personalized, interactive experiences. If you are looking to craft engaging lessons and customized training, our AI assistants are here to help

learning journeys

Students can ask questions naturally, and our AI assistants will promptly  deliver accurate answers, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches.

Personalized learning experience

With Alan AI, you can offer individualized learning experiences based on each student's unique learning style, preferences and progress.

24/7 on-demand

Learning doesn't have to be confined to traditional classroom hours. With Alan AI, students can get help and information round-the-clock.


By analyzing student interactions and dialog patterns, you can identify areas of improvement, optimize curriculum design and enhance overall learning outcomes.

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Alan AI for students

Natural and intuitive

Enable students to ask questions and engage in conversations as if communicating with a human tutor.


Use diverse data formats and multimedia to capture students' attention and foster active participation.

Individualized study plans

Let AI suggest additional resources to address specific learning gaps, helping students excel in their studies.

Access to vast 

Give access to extensive databases and online resources, providing students with information and references to aid their learning.

Time management

Help students manage their schedules, set reminders for assignments and allocate study time effectively.

Accessibility and inclusivity

Assist students with language barriers or disabilities, making education more inclusive and accessible.

Alan AI for teachers and educators

Intelligent tutoring 

Provide one-on-one support to students outside of classroom hours, reinforcing lessons and filling in gaps where needed.


Automate administrative tasks, grading and data collection to allocate more time to teaching and interacting with students.

Reduced workload

Manage large class sizes more effectively, reducing the burden of teaching a high volume of students.

Innovative teaching

Offer creative and interactive teaching tools that can make lessons more engaging and effective.

Global reach and 

Gain the ability to reach a global audience of learners, transcending geographical boundaries and ensuring continuous education.

Resource sharing

Facilitate collaboration by allowing teachers to share lesson plans, teaching materials and best practices easily.


The Alan Al Studio is so innovative that we are amazed by the developer-friendly tools and how easy it is to train the Al assistant. We tried several different Al technologies in the market, however, we found Alan Al to be the best among them. They are not only the best technology provider but also have a dedicated team, including customer success engineers, to help the Al be integrated successfully into the app. It was a great pleasure to be able to explore their solution, we would like to collaborate with them in the future on other projects.

Nazat Chowdhury

Save the Children

MediKarma is a first-of-a-kind wellness app that uses AI to guide its users through their customized wellness journey created from thousands of data points in their EHR and smart wearables. For MediKarma, Alan AI is not only an easy-to-use AI assistant, but it is also THE voice extension of our very own JILL, an artificial intelligence Avatar guiding each MediKarma user through his/her unique wellness journey. As such, we needed a precise platform, but most importantly, a flexible, dynamic, and scalable one… all elements that made Alan AI the perfect partner!

Kris Narayan


Onshore operators can now work with improved effectiveness and safety in the field with their touchless mobile applications. Intelligent AI Assistants have simplified onboarding of our new operators and continues to strengthen the safety culture and enhance our operational effectiveness.

Rajesh Satewar

Murphy Oil Corp

It was amazingly simple to use the Alan AI Platform to create and deploy an intelligent AI Assistant for our app. After deployment we were able to rapidly iterate on the AI Assistant without having to update the app.

Axel Schoth


With Alan, we were able to create an intelligent AI Assistant for the Murphy Oil app and go live in just one week, now a finalist for the SAP Innovation Award. We chose Alan because the platform let us integrate voice directly into the app’s UI workflows and handles industry domain language accurately. No other technology on the market addresses this.

Ritesh Menon

Incture Technologies

I was able to add the business logic for the app and build a demo within a few days. There’s no way I would’ve been as quick and effective in creating an AI Assistant with Alexa. I love the Alan AI Studio IDE and being able to push to production with just a button click.

Alon Raskin


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